The following is related to those who have experienced a in-hospital stay due to Covid-19, but also is relevant to those who may have recovered at home but who may still have residual difficulties. We're so sorry that you have been impacted but we can supply support and distanced treatment to progress your recovery:

According to the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) and the World Health Organisation (WHO):
Long term rehabilitation needs:
Following discharge, rehabilitation professionals can provide graded exercise,
education on energy conservation and behaviour modification, home
modification, and assistive products, as well as rehabilitation for any specific
individual impairments. During the long-term recovery of severe COVID-19,
patients may benefit from pulmonary rehabilitative interventions, which
target physical and respiratory impairments, and include a combination of
graded exercise, education, activity of daily living, and psychosocial support.
In many contexts, pandemic related constraints (physical distancing, limited
human resources and limited public transport) and infection risks mean that
tele-health is likely to be required following discharge. This could be
extended to include remote exercise (e.g. “virtual group” education and
exercise) and peer-to-peer support from COVID-19 patients who have
received the appropriate training. Rehabilitation services located in people’s
communities are often best placed to deliver longer-term care.