Conditions Treated


Fact sheets and advice for staying healthy from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists

BPPV or Vestibular rehabilitation

Bursitis & tendonitis

Chronic pain

Continuing Care

Core stability, what does it mean?

Exercise for back pain

Falls prevention for seniors:

Joint abnormalities and injury recovery

Ligament sprain and muscle strain:

Muscle & joint stiffness:

Exercise for neck pain

Occupational health:

Osteoporosis and physiotherapy


Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy:

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rotator Cuff abnormalities & Rehab:

Spinal pain, including neck & back:

Spinal conditions:

Sports Injuries


Biomechanical dysfunctions/muscle imbalance



Nerve irritation or impingement

Weakness, atrophy and dystrophy:


Gait dysfunctions

To name but a few………..