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Our Physiotherapists are responsible members of both the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and the Nova Scotian Physiotherapy Association


One on One treatment approach

30 minutes of ongoing assessment and treatment in a private room with the support of a collaborative team of therapists and doctors. The therapist will stay with you to discuss home treatment plans, exercise, education and quality of technique, management and prevention strategies, ergonomics at work, manual handling, your goals and quality of life. Our aim is to treat the symptoms and to identify the cause or trigger to prevent recurrence.


Assessment involves detailed subjective evaluation in collaboration with doctors, when appropriate, to understand you and your lifestyle and how we can assist you to return to your quality of life.


Objective evaluation involves observation of movement/functional analysis, palpation techniques and diagnostic tests. We then, with you, decide the best way forward, setting short and long term goals with the aim to improve your ability, comfort and recovery.


Treatment techniques

We will provide education, management methods and techniques to prevent further injury. We provide modalities such as manual techniques, mobilizations, manipulations, electrotherapy, acupuncture, kinesio taping and graded exercise rehabilitation programmes.

Graded exercise programmes will be designed for gym rehabilitation or home exercise. You will be provided with an exercise program to improve posture, decrease stiffness, improve muscle length, core stabilization, improve strength, endurance, improve quality of movement and function at work, home or leisure activities.


Pain Reducing Modalities

Acupuncture to decrease sensitivity, provide pain reduction, balance the nervous system, decrease muscle tightness, assist sleep and rest, or decrease headaches. Electrotherapy including ultrasound to break down scar tissue and increase blood flow, TENS advice for pain management at home, taping techniques to decrease muscle tone and activate correct muscle groups for better function.


But to reiterate, our approach is manual treatment wherever possible and as tolerated by the client - Enhanced by other modalities.

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