Conditions Treated

Here is a list of conditions we can treat

Condition Extra Links
Biomechanical dysfunctions/muscle imbalance What is a bio-mechanical imbalance/dysfunction?
Bio-mechanics in movement patterns
BPPV or Vestibular rehabilitation Physiotherapy in BPPV
Exploration of BPPV and types of physiotherapy options
What is BPPV
Bursitis Bursitis and tendonitis in sports injuries
Physiotherapy in tendonitis
Chronic pain
Continuing Care
Core stability, what does it mean? Core stability in athletic fitness
Core stability and prevention of injury
Exercise for back pain How to manage low back pain
Exercises for lumbar pain
Exercise for neck pain
Fact sheets and advice for staying healthy from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists
Falls prevention for seniors NICE Guidelines for falls prevention
Nova Scotia Strategic Framework for falls prevention
Fibromyalgia What is Fybromyalgia?
Fibromyalgia - management options
Gait dysfunctions Causes
Gait and balance
Headaches Headaches, dizziness and imbalance
Headaches and neck tension
Joint abnormalities and injury recovery Surgical Recovery from hip or knee surgery
How can physiotherapy help?
Ligament sprain and muscle strain What is a muscle strain?
What is a ligament sprain?
Muscle stiffness Limited range of movement
Causes of muscle stiffness
Nerve irritation or impingement
Occupational health Staying healthy at work
NS Worksafe for Life
Osteoarthritis Causes and treatments
What is osteoarthritis
Management and treatment options
Physiotherapy in osteoarthritis
Osteoporosis and physiotherapy
Pain What is pain?
How can pain be managed?
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Surgical Recovery from hip or knee surgery
Nova Scotia Orthopaedic Rehabilitation information
Nova Scotia Orthopaedic Rehabilitation information for post hip surgery
Physiotherapy pre and post knee surgery
Rheumatoid arthritis
Rotator Cuff abnormalities & Rehab Where is the rotator cuff?
If surgery is needed
Physiotherapy for rotator cuff
Spinal conditions Spinal stenosis
Spinal scoliosis in children
Spinal scoliosis in adults
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Sciatica Definition
Sciatica Condition
Spinal pain, including neck & back Causes of spinal pain
What is low back pain?
StiffnessTreatments for low back pain
What surgical options might there be?
What is neck pain?
Risk factors for neck pain
Neck exercises
Physiotherapy treatment for neck pain
Disc degeneration
Physiotherapy treatment for disc degeneration
Sports Injuries
Tendonitis Physiotherapy in tendonitis
Weakness, atrophy and dystrophy: Atrophy
Muscle imbalances due to de-conditioning
Muscle Weakness