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Becky Hamar


I joined PhysioDirect in March 2018 after returning to Nova Scotia from the UK, where I had been living the previous 11 years.  I enjoy working here because our patients are very friendly, and some even treat you like their friend.  Many have returned to us, some multiple times over many years, because they know they are well taken care of here.

A few of the things I enjoy most about working here are that I feel supported and valued as an employee and my ideas are valued.  I always look forward to my workday and never worry about what the day may hold because I know that as part of a positive team, I am supported, valued and care for.

Team Member


Day in the life of working at PhysioDirect 

Since starting here in July, I was welcomed with open arms and I felt like a part of the team immediately. It is an enjoyable, fun, and interactive place to work, with a supportive team who are always responsive to questions and happy to help. Martin puts on wonderful, knowledgeable seminars a few times a year, which are always very informative. The PhysioDirect clinic is a part of the Elmsdale Medical Centre, and it is great to have the opportunity to get referrals from family physicians who work within the same facility. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and growing with the PhysioDirect team! 

Jennifer Thompson

Massage Therapist


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